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Who is Tents4Haitians.org ...
We are a group of people that want to help Haitians who are still surviving the devastation of the recent earthquake! We've partnered with VIDA USA in order to quickly and easily ship tents to Haiti. This partnership is an integral part of our effort to provide relief to the millions of earthquake survivors and by working closely together, the immediate assistance needed will reach survivors quickly and efficiently.

Our mission is to provide donated tents to
survivors of the recent earthquake in Haiti.

With millions of Haitians left homeless, your tent will not only serve as a temporary shelter, but will help to provide protection from bad weather and the spread of disease--as well as offer a little privacy and a place to call home.

By forging a partnership with VIDA USA, an organization with over 19 years of experience in providing medical relief throughout Latin America, we have gained a tremendous and invaluable resource and have positioned ourselves for success. VIDA USA's contacts, ability to network and expertise in the area of relief will be paramount in helping us with the collection and distribution of your donated tents. Already, VIDA USA has begun a campaign to send at least one container each month (for the next 1-2 years), filled with medical supplies and our tents, directly to Haiti.

In short, our purpose is to work closely with our partners, VIDA USA, to collect donated tents throughout the United States and expedite their delivery to the people of Haiti. Through this effort, we will be providing much needed immediate relief, as quickly as possible, to thousands of Haitian survivors left without shelter.

What you can do to help the Haitian earthquake survivors...
Simply send your tent or tents to:

VIDA USA - 4 Haitian Relief...
6251 Hollis Street
Emeryville, CA 94608

TEL: 510 655-8432

Want to help VIDA USA?
To learn more or to volunteer and support this effort, please contact Adam See (or Alan) at 510 655-8432 or email us at alanarredondo@vidausa.org