The Boston Globe abbreviated the Haiti convulsion as follows: “Tuesday afternoon, January 12th, the affliction convulsion in 200 years – 7.0 in consequence – addled beneath than ten afar from the Caribbean city-limits of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The antecedent convulse was after followed by twelve aftershocks greater than consequence 5.0. Structures of all kinds were damaged or collapsed, from shantytown homes to civic landmarks. It is still actual aboriginal in the accretion effort, but millions are acceptable displaced, and bags are feared asleep as accomplishment teams from all over the apple are now bottomward on Haiti to advice area they are able.”

As a result, abounding countries are responding to this convulsion in Haiti with an access of food, food and volunteers. But that is not all; they are aswell sending Seek and Accomplishment (SAR) dogs. The account of accommodating countries who accept apprenticed to forward seek and accomplishment teams to Haiti includes Spain, Iceland, Canada, Germany, Venezuela, Russia, China and the US. But the account is growing.

As the Seek Dog Foundation notes:

“As aurora bankrupt over Port-Au-Prince today, a C-17 burden even landed with its life-saving cargo: six Canine Adversity Seek Teams accomplished by the Civic Adversity Seek Dog Foundation (SDF).”

What is a Seek and Accomplishment (SAR) Dog?

These dogs are alleged up for plan in a time of crisis, if one or added bodies accept been lost. There are abounding situations that alarm for the plan of an SAR dog; searches are conducted in wilderness settings, accustomed disasters, body searches, barrage entrapment, and baptize settings for drowning victims.

How do they work?

These SAR dogs will play a acute role in analysis both active and asleep victims of this adversity in Haiti. But how do they work? Seek and accomplishment (SAR) dogs can ascertain animal scent. These dogs accept a faculty of that appears to that appears to smell that is far added able than that of a human. Also, a dog’s faculty of that appears to that appears to smell is not alone added able than ours, it is added discerning. Thus a dog can aces out a ambition odor in a mix of odors. If bodies are trapped beneath rubble, dogs are accomplished to focus on one scent. In adjustment to acquisition the victim as bound as possible, the dog learns to avoid all added scents and noises. One could brainstorm the amount of distractions that these dogs have to face: the screams, the agitated workers, the array of smells, and added animals.

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